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IT Career Sessions

Career Session 1 runs from 11:00-11:25

Career Session 2 runs from 11:30-11:55

*All students will attend 2 career sessions



Room: Library

Chris Paschke, Lisa Summitt, Chris Linton & Daniel Clements, Jeffco IT

Charisa Persico, Red Canary

Come learn about the many pathways into information security as we try to protect data, systems, & financial resources: Blue team, digital forensics & investigations, incident response, malware, phishing, pen testing, OSINT, cryptography, social engineering, and more!

 Chris PaschkeLisa SummittChris LintonDaniel ClementsCharisa Persico



ROOM: N219

Jeff Ashley & Ken Keelan, Jeffco IT

Join us to learn about the skills and qualifications needed to be successful as an Enterprise Network Engineer / Architect.  This role is responsible for the design and implementation of enterprise-level networks with the goal of achieving the highest levels of reliability, scalability, and performance. 

 Jeff AshleyKen Keelan



 Room: N218

Eric Mertz & Will Downing, Jeffco IT

Building and maintaining server infrastructure for schools and school administration. Managing user access to servers, applications, and development.

Eric MertzWill Downing 



 ROOM: N217

John Fuller, Jeffco IT

Are you interested in learning about the role of a Wireless Network Engineer?  If so, join this session to hear about what it takes to be successful in this role.  Wireless network engineers are responsible for the design, implementation, and maintenance of the wireless network infrastructure for an organization. This role also includes configuring and troubleshooting wireless access points, monitoring network performance and partnership with other IT professionals to integrate wireless networks with wired networks, ensure network security, and support the organization's overall technology goals.

John Fuller



Room: N216

Quynh-Chi Ho, Sam Silver, Jeffco IT

Josh Allen, Denver Public Schools

If you are reading this career session description, you are interacting with and consuming digital media. In today's technology-driven world, digital media plays an integral part in how we distribute and consume information. Learn about the vast field of digital media, where technology, design and communication intersect!

Quynh-Chi HoSam SilverJosh Allen



Room: 215

Luther Augenstein & Juan Young, Jeffco IT

Attend this session to learn more about what it takes to be an IT application administrator! Hear from Jeffco subject matter experts (SME's) about the key responsibilities and qualifications for the job and get an in-depth look into what a typical day in the life of an IT application administrator looks like.  With the ever-growing amount of technology, IT experts are becoming invaluable in the workplace - don't miss out on this exciting opportunity!

 Luther AugensteinJuan Young



Room: N212

Becky Shorey, Jeffco IT

Beth Hamlin,  Academy of Las Animas Online

Technology in the classroom can completely transform the student experience by giving more real-world experience and allowing choice. I never would have guessed that training teachers in how to incorporate technology would give me the opportunity to travel the country to work with and inspire fellow educators.

Becky ShoreyBeth Hamlin



Room: N211

James Zwyer, Larry Lunders & Mindi Seaman, Jeffco IT

IT project management is the process of planning, organizing, and overseeing the development and implementation of technology related projects. The ultimate goal of IT project management is to deliver a project that meets or exceeds customer expectations within budget and on schedule. Come to this session to hear about how a Project Manager helps remove obstacles and gets the job done.

James ZwyerLarry Lunders Mindi Seaman



Room: N210

Mike Scott, Jeffco IT

Unlock the power of data and jumpstart your career as a database administrator. Join us for an informative session on the skills and responsibilities of a DBA.  The DBA role involves designing, implementing, and maintaining an organization's databases, and ensuring that they are secure and reliable.  

 Mike Scott



Room: N209

Kevin Richards & Heather MacGillivary, Jeffco Research and Assessment

Come learn about the world of data science.   From wrangling, analyzing,  and visualizing to impactful interpretation and action, this ever-changing career path is promising (and lucrative).  A great data scientist must have the magic trifecta of coding, statistics, and deep content knowledge.   Hear about educational pathways to a data science career from a recent graduate of Regis' Masters in Data Science and the leader of the Jeffco Public Schools' analytics team. 

Kevin Richards Heather MacGillivary



Room: N206

Ashley Casados, Konner Evans, Jeremy Rindt, & Lisa Weldon, Jeffco IT

Attend this session to learn about a career as a Technology Support Center (aka Help Desk) agent.  We are often the first point of contact for staff, students and parents seeking help or advice on technical problems.   Agents are trained to quickly and accurately help customers diagnose and solve technical problems and ensure their products and services are operating optimally.

Ashley Casados Konner EvansJeremy Rindt Lisa Weldon



Room: N205

Jenny Garland, Aaron Whitcomb, & Jay Schottler, Jeffco IT

Here’s where the rubber hits the road - Without device support and management all other technologies become worthless.  We are the liaison between all users of technology. From the end user and what they want to do to the higher levels of technology architects to help design solutions.

Jenny GarlandAaron Whitcomb Jay Schottler



Room: N202

Shelden Finholm, Karin Engelsgjerd, & Bikash Pradhan, Jeffco IT

This session will provide an overview of a career as a computer repair technician. Attendees will learn about the skills and qualifications needed, as well as the job duties and responsibilities involved in this field.

 Computer Repair Team



Room: N201

Amie Adams, Aaron Keckler, Jared Livesay, & Shekina DeTienne, Jeffco IT

IT Site Support is a career in which individuals are responsible for providing technical support and troubleshooting for computer systems, software, and hardware at a specific location or site. This may include setting up and configuring new equipment, resolving issues with existing systems, and training users on proper usage.

 Amie AdamsAaron KecklerJared LivesayShekina DeTienne



ROOM: N213/N214

Audrey Turco, Joor

Join this session to get an inside look into the exciting world of Software Development and DevOps. Attendees will gain an understanding of the different roles and responsibilities involved, and learn the latest tools and technologies that are used within the industry. They will also get insight into the job market and the skills required to develop a successful career in this fast-paced and ever-evolving field.

 Audrey Turco
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