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Strategic Plan

picture of Colorado landscapeTask. Predicts. Performance. Jeffco Generations: A Learning-Centered Vision for our Community's Schools focuses on providing authentic, relevant, and engaging learning experiences for all students. The strategic plan builds on this vision and focuses on putting our community's aspirations into practice. This site seeks to communicate our plan for delivering on these aspirations by answering four simple questions:
  • What are we trying to do?
  • How are we trying to do it?
  • At any given moment, how will we know if we are on track?
  • If we are not on track, what are we going to do about it?*
Through cycles of continuous improvement and feedback and collaboration with the community, we will learn and adapt in pursuit of these aspirations. As we learn and adapt, changes will be updated here, so check back often!

You can see the 2021-22 Strategic Plan & District Overview here (Español) or read on to dive into the details. 

*Questions and structure of strategic plan are adapted from Deliverology In Practice

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What are we trying to do?


System Indicators
Our system indicators represent the outcomes we believe Jeffco students and educators will achieve with a sustained commitment to the strategic plan. These indicators were developed by bench-marking against the highest-performing school districts.

Click on the picture for an interactive view of our System Indicators:
link to Jeffco Tableau 

System Theory of Action
IF we keep the creation of profoundly authentic student experience at the center of our work (Learning) AND build repeatable procedures (system-ness) where quality learning can be scaled, replicated, and provided equitably to every student (Conditions for Learning) AND create systems to ensure that every student comes to school ready to learn and barriers to learning are removed (Readiness for Learning),
THEN our students will be prepared for their futures.

learning circle

Each Tactic has at least one Specific Measurable Ambitious Realistic and Time-Bound (SMART) goal. Similar to the System Indicators, SMART goals articulate the results we aspire to for students and educators. The Theory of Action and SMART goals for each Tactic are listed on each Tactic's page.

How are we trying to do it?


generations flowchart

Strategies and Tactics
Our "Strategies" are defined under the headings of Learning, Conditions for Learning, and Readiness for Learning. These "Strategies" reflect the coherent set of activities we believe will positively impact student outcomes and learning experiences. Each strategy has more specific elements called "Tactics" (e.g. Transform the Task is the first Tactic in the Learning strategy). The description of the Strategies and Tactics include excerpts from the Jeffco Generations vision document. Each Strategy and Tactic have their own webpage, including our operational strategies and tactics (Technology, Operations, Legal, Finance, and Communication).

Tactic Teams and Milestones
Each Tactic has a leader devoted to improving outcomes and experiences for Jeffco students. Tactic Leaders form and lead teams of dedicated stakeholders to design, plan, and implement Milestones to meet the SMART goals of the tactic and improve outcomes and experiences for Jeffco students. Milestones reflect the major action steps of the Tactic Team.

How will we know if we are on track?


Leading Indicators
Each Tactic and Tactic Team utilizes a Plan Do Study Act (PDSA) cycle of continuous improvement. In addition to collecting and monitoring data on the Tactic's SMART goal, Tactic Teams consistently identify and collect data on shorter-term indicators that predict success on the SMART goal. We call these Leading Indicators.

Each Tactic's SMART goal(s) reflect an aspirational goal. Each Tactic Team studies its current performance and draws a trajectory from current performance to the aspirational SMART goal. As data is collected on the Tactic's SMART goal, it is mapped against this trajectory to communicate progress towards the goals as well as indicate opportunities to learn what is and is not working.

If we aren't on track, what are we going to do about it?


Annually, each Tactic Leader reports progress on the Tactic's SMART goals to district leaders and the Board of Education. During a Stocktake Tactic Leaders have the opportunity to communicate successes and challenges in the Tactic Team's efforts to improve student outcomes and learning experiences. If the Tactic Team is not on track to meet its goals, the Stocktake is an opportunity to articulate a new course of action or request additional resources or support with input from district and Board leadership. Check out the draft schedule of Stocktakes for the 2018/19 school year. Each Stocktake presentation will be uploaded on the Tactic's page on this website.  

Learning and Improving
It is important to take action if a Tactic is off-track, but what if a Tactic is on-track or exceeding its goals? Critical to the success of improving student outcomes and learning experiences is what W. Edwards Deming referred to as "making use of the stores of knowledge that exist". Just as Tactic Teams engage in continuous improvement cycles, so will the district. We will track and monitor Milestones and the impact they have on Leading Indicators and SMART goals. We will ensure effective practices spread across Tactics and the organization as we continually improve and adapt in pursuit of the excellence our students deserve.

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